Youtube Adds Misinformation Panels On Videos, Attempts To Stop Fears Over Obvious Mail-In Voter Fraud

( YouTube is the latest social media giant to start labelling content that suggests mail-in voting may result in voter fraud or compromise the integrity of the November presidential election. The company now adds links and panels underneath videos from candidates, and on the topic of the election, with a view to informing people that mail-in voting is safe.

Even when the evidence suggests otherwise.

According to The Verge, a tech news website with a very clear left-wing bias reported how YouTube is stepping up the fight against “misinformation” during the election season.

In a blog post today, the platform announced an array of new changes, including changes to the search results for presidential and congressional candidates, which will now have authoritative information panels about a candidate ahead of video search results,” The Verge reported.

In the blog post, YouTube said they are “working hard to make YouTube a more reliable source for news and information.”

The biggest change will see videos be labeled with an information panel that directs people to a report published by the Bipartisan Policy Center, which is titled, “Voting by Mail Counts.”

The link contains information suggesting that mail-in voting doesn’t lead to voter fraud. YouTube also encourages people to learn how to register to vote and shows them how they can vote.

The problem, however, is that the evidence suggests that mail-in voting presents a huge risk of voter fraud. That wasn’t even a controversial statement until President Donald Trump was the one to say it.

In 2005, a commission led by James A. Baker III, the Republican former secretary of state under George W. Bush’s administration, as well as former Democratic President Jimmy Carter, found that mail-in ballots “remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”

YouTube also announced this week that they would be launching two new YouTube Originals – videos produced directly by YouTube – which will offer “helpful election-related information through inovative and creative ways.”

These will include an interactive video called “YouChoose 2020” and a kid-focused four-part election special called “Kid Correspondent” that is designed to help “parents and families better understand and talk about civic engagement.”

Do you really want YouTube to teach your children about civic engagement and the democratic process when they blatantly misrepresent the dangers of mail-in voting?