Yet Another Stormy Daniels Case Against Trump Slapped Down by Judge

( Porn star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has failed in the courts yet again to get one over on President Donald Trump. Last week, yet another lawsuit filed by the adult film actress was rejected by a judge in a federal appeals court. The libel lawsuit was filed after President Donald Trump tweeted in 2018 that a sketch of an alleged intimidator, which looked like her ex-husband, was a “total con job.”

The story’s a little complicated a few years on, but it centered around a claim made by Daniels that she was threatened by a man to keep quiet about an alleged affair she had with Trump. Daniels helped produce a sketch of the man that she said told her to stay quiet, but President Trump retweeted a post that compared the sketch with a photo of the porn star’s husband. Daniels believed that the tweet was libel because it made her look like a liar.

“Viewed through the eyes of an objectively reasonable reader, the tweet here reflects Mr. Trump’s opinion about the implications of the allegedly similar appearances of Ms. Clifford’s ex-husband and the man in the sketch,” the ruling from the court explained. Which…is obvious. Isn’t the president allowed to have an opinion?

The tweet, the court explained, “plainly concerns the similarities between the sketch and the photograph,” and that because the tweet juxtaposes the two images, “the reader was provided with the information underlying the allegedly defamatory statement and was free to draw his or her own conclusions.”

In other words, Stormy Daniels tried to take Trump down for having an opinion. Which isn’t how libel works.

The judges even rejected the claim made by Daniels that the tweet denied that Daniels and Trump had a sexual relationship in 2006, when he was married to Melania Trump, who is now First Lady. Not that it mattered.

It’s just another defeat for Daniels. She’s presumably used to it by now. In December 2019, the actress was forced to pay almost $300,000 in legal costs after a failed (and frivolous) defamation suit made against the president.