Woman ARRESTED After Threatening To Decapitate GOP Senator

(PatriotHeadline.com)- A woman was arrested on Monday after threatening to decapitate Republican Senator Susan Collins in a series of voicemails. The woman, a Maine resident, sent threatening messages to the senator that included a threat to behead her.

56-year-old Katrina Prebel from Banger reportedly left eight voicemail messages to Collins, starting on November 6 and ending on November 11. The details of the case are detailed in a criminal complaint from the FBI, showing just how seriously the threats were taken.

The insane threats reportedly included a threat to shoot Collins in the fact. The message was so unhinged that it resulted in FBI agent Michael J. Verhar taking on the case, visiting the home of the suspect with a representative of the Bangor Police Department.

Special Agent Vehair said that Preble proved “hostile and generally uncooperative” when they paid a visit but did not arrest her that day.

For some reason.

Preble claimed that she was sending the messages to defend herself with “deadly force,” suggesting that Senator Collins had threatened her. No evidence was provided to suggest that Collins had threatened her.

After officers left, Preble waited a few days, before leaving six more voicemails for Collins. Her threats became more serious, threatening to shoot her, decapitate her, and even “stretch” her “by the neck.”

After the second series of messages were directed towards the senator, Preble was arrested. She has been charged with two counts of interstate threats as a result of the server storing the voicemails being held out of state.

The disturbing attacks come at a time when far-left radicals are more emboldened than ever, threatening conservatives and attacking them in the street. In Washington, D.C. during the pro-Trump “Million MAGA March” recently, far-left activists violently assaulted families, children, and elderly people.

And it was all caught on camera.

Senator Collins not only received the threats from Preble. The Main senator’s spokesperson said that one in every 25 calls made to her office recently was “border-line threatening.”

Which side of the political aisle do you think is responsible for political violence and hyper-partisanship?