Wikipedia Founder Is Creating New Free Speech Competitor

( Larry Sanger, the man who created the globally recognized online encyclopedia Wikipedia, vowed recently to establish a new competitor to the website, citing far-left domination and bias on the website he founded.

Sanger, who left Wikipedia after co-founding the site in 2001, teased the new “Encyclosphere” as a networked aggregation of existing encyclopedia content available online. He says that the content would be different from the politically biased and charged diatribes regularly published on Wikipedia and presented as fact.

“The encyclosphere is going to be great,” Sanger said on Twitter. “Still getting the website and upcoming seminar ready.”

The tweet contained a video, narrated by himself, which revealed why he believes Wikipedia is no longer the best online encyclopedia option.

“It’s become centralized and controlling, just like Facebook and Twitter,” Sanger said in the clip.

“They have all become openly hostile to views unapproved by the establishment. Let’s fix this, not with a better encyclopedia, but an open encyclopedia network, like the blogosphere, but for knowledge.”

“We need a free, giant, global knowledge commons without any central control. You should be able to fire up your own blog, write an article, press a button, and boom, it’s added to the encyclosphere,” he added.

Sanger explained that all the encyclopedias in the world, including small and new ones, would be in the system and able to access the content within the encyclosphere. Developers, he said, could develop competing encyclopedia readers using the data – meaning users would not be limited to using only Wikipedia.

To ensure the content published in the encyclosphere is of a high standard and accurate, Sanger said he would introduce a decentralized rating system and rater categories. It would allow users to find top-rated articles according to top-rated experts, or according to a user’s nationality, religion, or party.

“I am starting the Knowledge Standards Foundation,” Sanger added, which he said is not a start-up, and which is not funded by Silicon Valley. He also vowed to always refuse donations from corporations and governments.

Sanger said his non-profit, grassroots, volunteer, open-source software would define technical standards and tools to create the new encyclosphere.

“Together our global team will actually build a network, one that, like the internet itself, all of humanity owns and no-one exclusively controls,” he added.

If successful, the project could successfully replace Wikipedia and give readers access to more accurate information. Under existing Wikipedia rules, conservative commentators, activists, and politicians are regularly smeared as conspiracy theorists and racists thanks to biased content policies.

The man who created Wikipedia might just be the man who destroys it, too.