Why Is Biden Keeping His Economic Advisers Secret?

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Joe Biden is in a difficult position. To win the nomination for the Democratic Party, he needed to pander to the far-left policies of Bernie Sanders. He did that, and he has committed to promoting Sanders policies to maintain the support of the Bernie Bros and far-left socialists who now make up a huge section of his party.

However, to win the presidency, Biden needs to stick to a more moderate line. That might be the reason why former Vice President Joe Biden is taking extensive measures to keep the identities of his economic advisers secret.

According to a report by The New York Times, Joe Biden is guarding the identity of his closest advisers closely and taking efforts to ensure no information about his economic campaign promises are leaked before they’re ready. It’s believed to be part of a strategy to take down Donald Trump by promising an economic policy that would be as transformative, if not more transformative, than the New Deal. More than 100 left-leaning economists have been brought in by the Biden campaign to create a platform that would radically change how the American economy works.

That’s one reason to keep their identities secret. The other reason is that some of the most extreme economists who advocate policies like Modern Monetary Theory are also believed to be involved. If you’ve never heard of it, Modern Monetary Theory advocates the printing of more money to pay for infrastructure projects and social programs – a method that has never worked in any economy and which always results in hyperinflation.

The Times report explains how the Biden campaign has banned members of its team from circulating emails from the economic policy team.

“You are not to disclose the names of others who are involved in the committee to nonmembers,” a memo from the campaign reads.

Biden’s decision to take this radical route indicates a couple of things. One, it means that his milquetoast promise of restoring “the soul of the nation” isn’t good enough, and doesn’t work when his supporters are trashing American cities and burning down businesses. Two, it may imply that Biden himself isn’t up to the job, but with a radical policy agenda and team behind him, people might overlook that.

With the effects of the coronavirus still being felt, now might be the time for Biden to take advantage of economic uncertainty – but can Trump get the economy up and running before November and beat him to it?