Why Is Biden Hiding His Campaign’s Diversity Data?

(PatriotHeadline.com)- For a candidate who claims to care so much about diversity and inclusivity, isn’t it interesting how Joe Biden is hiding the diversity data relating to his own campaign?

It’s true! The presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, and former vice president, won’t release data proving his claims that he has a diverse staff. And, even as he refuses to release the data, he keeps on telling the press that his team is diverse.

Back in December, BuzzFeed reported how Biden told them, “Look at my staff…I have the most diverse staff of anybody running. I’ve always done that.”

In a June report, however, BuzzFeed revealed how is campaign simply won’t reveal information proving he is operating a diverse team.

What is he hiding?

“Biden’s campaign refused to give any detail about the claim after he made it,” the report says. “And more than six months later, he has yet to back up the assertion or provide any data on the diversity of his campaign staff – marking a significant break at a time of national reckoning over racism and issues of inclusion and equity with the standard of transparency set by Democratic candidates during the last presidential election.”

The report also said that the team is “staffed at the top by a predominantly white team of advisers” declined to disclose the number of people on their payroll who are not white. The campaign also declined to “detail the way in which they track diversity data internally.”

Ooooooooo, Joe is in trouble!

Alida Garcia, the founder of yet another left-wing group promoting forced diversity as opposed to the meritocracy on which American society is based, claimed that she has asked the campaign team to make their diversity data public on several occasions. Her organization claims to “promote racial diversity in national politics and develop a talent pipeline for people of color.”

What’s a talent pipeline?

Despite refusing to hand over the data, however, Biden continues pushing the diversity issue. He even recently insisted that a report of “comprehensive racial data amid the coronavirus pandemic” be published by the federal government, presumably to see if COVID-19 is racist.

“This pandemic is shining a light on so many inequities in our society – the lack of paid sick leave for workers, the need for stronger unemployment insurance, the necessity for a livable minimum wage,” Biden said in a Medium piece.

If Biden is going to push people to release diversity data…sooner or later he’s going to need to do it too.