Why Did Facebook’s Content Regulator Advise Joe Biden On Ukraine Policy?

(PatriotHeadline.com)- According to a new report from tech journalist Allum Bokhari, the global policy manager for content regulation at Facebook, Anna Makanju, served as an advisor to former Vice President Joe Biden on matters relating to Ukraine. Makanju, in a piece published in the Washington Post in 2019, also defended Joe Biden and absolved him of accusations of wrongdoing concerning the country.

Bokhari reports her Makanju’s senior position at Facebook, overseeing content regulation on the platform, could have given her an opportunity to censor stories that explored the business deals made by Joe Biden’s son Hunter in Ukraine. Specifically, the Breitbart report argues that her position may also have had an influence in Facebook’s decision to censor and throttle the spread of a story published by the New York Post earlier this month.

The New York Post story explored contents of a laptop that is understood to have been dropped off by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer repair store. Emails discovered on the laptop’s hard drive, which were legally accessed after Hunter Biden failed to pick up the computer, appear to suggest that the son of the former vice president may have used his father’s position in the federal government as leverage for landing big business deals in Ukraine.

Hunter Biden landed the contract with Ukrainian energy company Burisma less than a year after Joe Biden, as vice president, reportedly pressured the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who was conducting an investigation of the company.

Not only has Hunter Biden’s lawyer requested the laptop back from the store, the Biden family is totally silent on the matter and has not denied the authenticity of the emails. Joe Biden was asked about the emails over the weekend but walked off and refused to answer the questions.

Bokhari also reported how Makanju is a fellow at the Atlantic Council, an organization that partnered with Facebook two years ago to promote “election integrity” all over the world. The content regulator’s profile at the Atlantic Council also references her previous ties to Joe Biden.

With her new role in Facebook moderating content, it may come as no surprise to many that articles connecting Joe Biden to corrupt deals in Ukraine are regularly censored.

Despite all the evidence suggesting that the emails are authentic, social media giants including Facebook and Twitter continue to throttle the spread of these stories.

Why is that?