WHOA: Don Lemon Defends “Blow Up The Entire System” Comments

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Left-wing CNN anchor Don Lemon refused to back down after he made extreme comments during a recent discussion with fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo. Lemon responded to the news that President Donald Trump would fulfil his constitutional duty and nominate a new Supreme Court justice following the death of Justice Ruther Bader Ginsberg, and said that the Democrats must “blow up the entire system” if Republicans got their way.

“We’re going to have to blow up the entire system,” he said, to Chris Cuomo’s shock.

“I don’t know about that,” Cuomo said, before Lemon continued with the extreme comments.

“You know what we’re going to have to do? You’re going to have to get rid of the electoral college,” he said. “Because the minority in this country get to decide who our judges are and who our president is. Is that fair?”

Well, yes. The electoral college was designed specifically to stop mob rule and to ensure that the states with smaller populations had an equal say on how the country should be run. It means that far-left extremists in New York and California don’t get to dictate the lives of people living in rural Iowa or Kentucky.

Cuomo told Lemon that a constitutional amendment would be required to get rid of the electoral college, which prompted Lemon to make yet more extreme comments.

“And if Joe Biden wins, Democrats can stack the courts and they can do that amendment and get it passed,” he said.

It proves the theory often cited by conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro that Democrats don’t see the Supreme Court as a court that interprets the Constitution in the way it was meant to be interpreted, but as an obstacle that gets in their way of implementing radical policies.

Lemon defended his extreme comments after conservatives criticized him online, and several media reports repeated his claim.

“I woke up and I saw all of these headlines, ‘Don Lemon is calling for the abolishing of the electoral college!’ But I was responding to you when you said we need people with integrity,” Lemon said to Cuomo on Tuesday.

That doesn’t change the fact you advocated for the end of the electoral college, Don.

“I was responding to you when you said we want people with integrity in office and I said, ‘Well, then we’ve got to blow up the whole system right?’ And I said here’s what Democrats can do and that’s the danger – they can stack the court. But all of a sudden, I am calling for the abolishing of the electoral college.”

Yes. Because Don Lemon advocated the abolishing of the electoral college. What’s so hard to understand about that?

That’s what he said!