WATCH: Lawyers Present MORE Evidence Of Voter Fraud To Hostile Media

( On Thursday, lawyers representing President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign hosted a press conference in which they presented yet more evidence of voter fraud and irregularities to the media. Fronted by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the press conference highlighted sworn affidavits from election officials – including some Democrats – that outline how the election was compromised in several different ways.

In the press conference, Giuliani described how they had discovered a pattern to the irregularities in the vote-counting in battleground states, and said their evidence indicated that it was a “plan from a centralized place.”

Giuliani and Trump lawyer Sidney Powell then went on to explain how observers were prevented from watching the counting of mail-in ballots and how there was an unequal application of the law in Democrat counties, In Pennsylvania, for instance, Giuliani showed how Democrat counties let voters “cure” their ballots but voters in Republican counties were not given the same opportunity.

Citing sworn affidavits, which are made under oath, Giuliani and Powell also explained how ballots cast for Joe Biden were run through machines several times, that election officials were told not to look for defects in ballots, and that some election officials were even instructed to backdate mail-in ballots so that they wouldn’t be late.

Perhaps most shockingly of all, however, Sidney Powell explained how votes cast in the US presidential election were counted overseas on software that is allegedly owned by companies with connections to George Soros and the Venezuelan communist regime.

Every claim made during the press conference was backed up with affidavits and evidence, and the Trump lawyers said that they will continue their fight to expose the corruption in the presidential election, whether or not the media chooses to cover it.

Before the press conference had even finished, the media and left-wing pundits chose to ignore the contents of the press conference and the evidence presented to them and instead discussed the fact that Giuliani could be seen sweating while speaking.

It can get hot in a small, packed room that contains several studio lights. But facts shouldn’t get in the way of a good clickbait story, right CNN?

Jenna Ellis, one of the president’s lawyers who spoke at the press conference, asked how many news outlets would report fairly and honestly about election integrity issues.

We probably know the answer to that, right?