Washington Schools May Prioritize POC Students for Reopening

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Segregation in the United States ended many decades ago, but Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists have ensured that it returns. This time around, segregation is taking the form of “racial justice,” and has manifested in the possibility of a Washington school district planning the reopening of public schools in a phased way that benefits students of color first.

The school claims that students “furthest from educational justice” will be given priority to come back to school, which basically means “students of color.” They said it themselves.

In a planning guide released by the school district, called “Reopening Washington Schools 2020,” the school district describes a “phased-in” opening of schools with socially distanced learning. It then goes on to describe how their phased approach will benefit some students more than others.

“Some school facilities open for some groups of students, while others remain closed until a later date or certain community characteristics are met,” it says. “Students who are not attending face-to-face are participating in continuous remote learning.”

The documents explains how the approach would be implemented, with elementary students served first, and then those “furthest from educational justice, including students with disabilities, English learners, students experiencing homelessness, students experiencing poverty, students of color, and other student groups.”

The idea of ensuring that students who don’t have access to computers or the Internet at home being given preferential treatment is hard to scoff at, but students of color? The school district appears to be suggesting that non-white students need special help during this difficult time, because white students may be more capable of learning at home.

Isn’t that racism?

Superintendent Chris Reykjdal said that the decision was directly “Influenced by the civil unrest across the country in response to over racial injustice and inequality.”

So non-white students will be put last because violent mobs are out on the streets claiming to be righteous.

“We are educators. We know that despite real progress, educational systems and institutions continue to racial inequality and justice,” he said. “We know that we have a much higher responsibility than teaching content in classrooms. We know that each one of us owns a piece of injustice.”

Hey, if he has racist teachers, then why doesn’t he hire non-racist ones?