VIDEO: Prisoners INFECT THEMSELVES with Coronavirus to Get Early Release

( You know how prisoners across the country have been freed early because of the coronavirus? Prisoners across the country have heard about it on the news and are now purposely infecting themselves with the Chinese coronavirus to get early release.

Video of inmates at a Los Angeles County prison in California was released this week by Sheriff Alex Villanueva. The footage shows inmates purposely drinking from the same bottles to try and ensure they get infected.

Sheriff Villanueva showed the footage during a Monday press conference. It came from Pitchess Detention Center and, during the press conference, Villanueva explained how they were trying to catch the virus and described the actions as “deeply disturbing.”

In a section of the video, which you can see above, a prisoner can be seen taking hot water from a common dispensary. The inmate then takes that bottle to a group of other inmates, where they pass the bottle around just before a nurse takes their temperature.

The method was designed to do two things. One, it raises their temperatures and gives the nurse reason to believe they may have contracted the virus, as one of the symptoms is a high temperature. It also means that, if one person in the room does have coronavirus, they are sharing the virus by using the same bottle.

“Under normal circumstances, no one would be doing that anyway, particularly when everyone has access to the same water…no one shares this,” the sheriff said. “Now, they’re sharing the hot water and using the same bottle.”

The footage also shows inmates sharing a cup, and even sniffing from somebody’s mask in the hope of contracting the virus.

Sheriff Villanueva said that the prisoners were also spending more time deliberately crowding together and not practicing social distancing, despite having lots of space to share.

“It’s sad to think that someone deliberately tried to expose themselves,” Sheriff Villanueva also said. “As a result of this behavior, from this particular modular, 21 inmates tested positive in a week of these videos being taken.”

It means that prisoners across the country may also be doing the same thing, and purposely trying to get infected so they can be released.

California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has already freed over 5,500 inmates in recent weeks. Similar actions were taken by authorities in New York, resulting in dozens of prisoners being rearrested after robbing banks and committing violent crimes within hours and days after being released early.