Various Police Chiefs Denounce Disgusting Protesters Blocking Hospital Entrance

( A “new low” has been reached in the divide between law enforcement and protesters around the country.

Two sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles were ambushed by a shooter in Compton this weekend, and they were immediately transferred to the emergency room. Following the shooting, protesters blocked the entrance to the hospital where the two officers are being treated.

Speaking to Fox & Friends on Monday, James Craig, the police chief in Detroit,” said:

“There is some that is a part of this anarchist movement that spew hate, they incite violence, and so now taken to the level of blocking emergency entrances to a hospital for others that might need immediate medical attention is horrible.

“I’ve got to tell you, the escalation of violence toward our men and women in uniform, I have not seen it like this in 44 years in this business.”

According to officials, the two LA officers were sitting in a patrol car in Compton at the MLK Transit Center. Just before 7:00 Saturday night, a shooter ambushed them. He approached the vehicle from behind and fired several shots inside.

The deputies were both listed in critical condition after the shooting. Both underwent surgery, and their conditions were downgraded to stable, according to police reports.

Protesters arrived at the hospital where the officers were being treated, blocking an entrance. LA County Sheriffs sent a series of tweets that said protesters were “blocking the entrance & exit of the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM,” yelling, “We hope they die.”

Two people were arrested outside the hospital during the protests. One was a member of the press who apparently “ignored repeated commands to stay back as they struggled” to arrest the first person.

Police Chief George Colina of Miami denounced this protest as well. He said on Fox & Friends:

“When you think about what happened there in L.A. County, the fact that you have two officers sitting in a car, they are ambushed, they are shot for no reason other than wearing a uniform, then you show up at a hospital and you chant, ‘We hope you die,’ while you block the entrance of the hospital, depriving people of medical services, it’s such a lack of humanity.”

Lisa Parker, the police chief of Manchester Township in New Jersey, said rioting has to stop after 100 days in a row of it.

She said:

“When do we say enough is enough? When do we let the business go back to doing business? Think about just even here in New York City. Our families, we would have been in New York multiple times. We don’t go to New York now, and I wouldn’t suggest anyone going there. It’s hurting businesses. People are leaving.

“When does American say enough is enough? My thoughts are it’s in the polls in November.”

Police officials in Los Angeles are offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the gunman who ambushed the two sheriff’s deputies on Saturday night.