US Navy Hospital Ship Departs New York City, No Longer Needed

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- New York is still by far the worst-hit state in the United States when it comes to the coronavirus, but efforts taken by the federal and state government to reduce the transmission of the disease appear to be working. Hospitals in New York, particularly New York City, are still treating thousands of patients but the 1,000 extra beds that were made available on the USNS Comfort are no longer required.

The Navy hospital ship arrived in New York earlier in the month, initially providing beds specifically for non-coronavirus patients to allow hospitals in the city to focus on the pandemic. The ship was later used for coronavirus patients until it became clear it was no longer required.

When the ship first arrived, it was a sign of hope for the city. It docked on Pier 90 in West Manhattan for three weeks but treated only 179 patients. 56 people were still on board by the time it was announced the ship would be leaving. Meanwhile, the New York City health service has treated more than 36,000 people since the outbreak began.

The effort was worthwhile, however, and the ship will now be moving back to its base in Virginia.

Speaking to MSNBC after meeting with President Trump on Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “It was very good to have in case we had overflow, but I said we don’t really need the Comfort anymore.”

“It did give us comfort, but we don’t need it anymore, so if they need to deploy that somewhere else, they should take it,” he added.

President Trump agreed.

“I’ve asked Andrew if we could bring the Comfort back to its base in Virginia so that we could have it for other locations, and he said we would be able to do that,” the president said. “We’ll be bringing the ship back at the earliest time, and we’ll get it ready for its next mission, which I’m sure will be an important one also.”