UK’S MI5 Prepares Far-Left Terror Threat Unit

( MI5, Britain’s domestic intelligence agency, is preparing to establish a new unit designed to investigate threats from far-left terrorist organizations. It comes as much of the United States is impacted by riots organized by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The UK Security Service has reportedly begun creating the new unit which will focus on anarchism and single-issue terrorism. The Telegraph reports that the animal rights movement was listed as one example of this kind of terrorism.

Britain has received its fair share of left-wing terrorism and unrest. Just last month, animal rights activists were accused of promoting “telephone terrorism” after the home addresses, telephone numbers, and personal details of Conservative Members of Parliament were published. The MPs targeted supported a badger cull – a measure designed to reduce the number of badgers in rural England.

The Times reported that a Whitehall source claimed, however, that left-wing terrorism was only a “tiny fraction” of the concern, with far-right extremists and jihadists posing a bigger threat at this time. This is likely true in the United Kingdom, but the unrest seen in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, and throughout the rest of the United States shows just how quickly far-left terrorism and extremism can get out of control.

Far-left terror plots are also being foiled all over the world. In September, news broke that three were arrested during raids to foil a far-left terror plot by the Popular Fighters Group. And, in France, two vegan activists were jailed for 15 separate violent attacks against butchers and shops selling animal products.

In September, British authorities also warned that far-right extremism was becoming prevalent in young teenagers. Kids as young as 13 were reportedly talking about committing acts of terror in the UK.

Neil Basu of Scotland Yard told the press that more young people were being groomed by far-right groups online. They didn’t mean conservatives, either – they meant actual far-right terror groups and organizations that promote fascism and neo-Nazism. Basu said that far-right terror issues accounted for roughly 10% of his caseload, with the majority still being Islamist terrorist cases.