U.S. Reassigns Cuba As Sponsor Of Terrorism

(PatriotHeadline)- Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that the State Department had once again imposed sanction on Cuba, and has redesignated the country a “sponsor of state terrorism.”

It’s one of a number of measures taken by Trump’s State Department in the final week of his presidency, to protect the United States as long into the Biden administration as possible.

The State Department has accused Cuba, a socialist nation, of failing to uphold promises made to the Obama administration when the designation was removed back in 2015.

In a statement, the agency said that the Trump administration been “focused from the start on denying the Castro regime the resources it uses to oppress its people at home and countering its malign interference in Venezuela and the rest of the Western Hemisphere.”

“With this action, we will once again hold Cuba’s government accountable and send a clear message: the Castro regime must end its support for international terrorism and subversion of U.S. justice,” the statement continued.

The decision to remove Cuba’s designation as a sponsor of state terrorism was made shortly before the nation’s dictator Fidel Castro died in 2016. It came after years of tension between the United States and the socialist regime, but was made in an attempt at improving nations and giving Cuba an opportunity to establish itself as a…somewhat normal nation.

However, Raul Castro, brother of Fidel Castro, has remained influential in the Cuban government and is currently the First Secretary of the Communist Party.

Since the nation’s new government took over after Fidel Castro’s death, Cuba has hosted a number of other officials from United States-designated terrorists. Cuba has also refused to hand over Joanna Chesimard, a wanted terrorist who is accused of killing a New Jersey state trooper.

Two good reasons to redesignate the country a sponsor of state terrorism, by the sounds of it.

But with a Joe Biden administration only a week away, who knows what could happen then? Biden has already filled his incoming cabinet with left-wing radicals who have advocated socialist policies as recently as the 2020 presidential election campaign.

So who knows if this decision will even last more than a week?