“Tyrant” Michigan Governor Slapped with Lawsuits Over Excessive Stay-At-Home Order

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Democratic Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, isn’t having a great week. After protests that brought the streets surrounding the Michigan State Capitol to a standstill, and seas of people waving flags and placards branding her a “tyrant,” she’s not being hit by lawsuits over her excessive lockdown order.

In what was named “Operation Gridlock,” thousands of people turned out to protest the measures put in place by Whitmer, which include the closure of churches and banning supermarkets from selling “non-essential” items. Michigan residents grew angry over the measures as marijuana stores and abortion clinics, somehow, remained open.

As if the protests weren’t embarrassing enough, a petition gained hundreds of thousands of signatures within days calling for the governor’s resignation.

Then came the lawsuits. At least two federal suits have already been filed against the Michigan governor, according to Reuters. The news outlet reported that two complaints were filed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both suits accuse the governor of violating their constitutional rights, as individuals and businesses, by imposing the strict stay-at-home order.

In both lawsuits, plaintiffs argue that the executive order signed by Whitmer violates their First Amendment rights, as well as due process. One suit also claims Whitmer violated their Second Amendment right by deeming all gun stores in the state “non-essential” and forcing them to close.

Another common theme in the lawsuits is that residents of the state fear that the draconian and authoritarian measures may extend beyond the period of social distancing and become the “new norm.”

A spokesperson for the Michigan Conservative Coalition, the organization responsible for the Operation Gridlock protests, told the press this week that the executive order is damaging businesses in the state.

“There is no reason why she can’t be looking at some safe ways to be opening up businesses. Instead of talking about what’s essential and non-essential, let’s talk about what’s safe and not safe,” Meshawn Maddock said. “Safe business and safe workers need to get back to work.”

Whitmer insists, however, that the measures are strictly temporary.

“I want you to have your freedom, I want mine too,” she said. “We have a few tough days ahead of us, but those days where we can resume some normalcy, they are on the horizon if we keep doing what we need to do to get past this moment.”

Something tells me Michigan residents don’t believe her!