Two LA Sheriff Deputies SHOT IN THE HEAD During Ambush

( Police officials in Los Angeles reported late on Saturday night that two deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were shot on Saturday during an ambush. The two deputies were sitting in their vehicle on Saturday evening in a metro station located in Compton when they were shot multiple times.

The two deputies, one female and one male, are now in hospital in critical condition and have undergone surgery to treat their wounds. The Department described on Twitter that the two officers are “both still fighting for their lives” and encouraged people to “keep them in your thoughts and prayers.”

In an updated tweet, the LA County Sheriffs account said that the officers were “ambushed as they sat ion their patrol vehicle” and that “Both sustained multiple gunshot wounds and are in critical condition.”

The same County Sheriffs account also released horrifying footage of the incident, showing an individual walking straight up to the cop car and shooting through the window, before running off.

While little is known at this point, the vitriol of the far-left towards police officers is hard to ignore at this point. Not only have far-left Democrat voters been campaigning for police departments to be defunded, but protesters also went out of their way to block the entrance and exit of the hospital emergency room chanting things like “we hope they die.”

Fox News Los Angeles reported that the two officers were shot in the head.

We will update you as the story develops.