Two Democratic Candidates Bid Adieu To Race For Presidency

( – The field has narrowed in the Democratic primary by two.

Following more disappointing results in the South Carolina primary Saturday night, both Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg have officially dropped out of the race. It’s not altogether surprising that Steyer reached this point before Super Tuesday, but it may be for Buttigieg, who only a few weeks ago won the Iowa caucuses.

Steyer actually claimed two delegates in South Carolina and 11.3% of the vote, but that was way too little too late for his campaign. He’s a billionaire former manager of a hedge fund, and his message just never seemed to resonate among voters in the party.

To wit, here’s his comments following his announcement:

“We live in a country that is deeply unjust economically where rich people have been profiting at the expense of everybody else. And I didn’t get in this race and start talking about things to get votes. I was in this race to talk about things that I cared the most about.”

Steyer, of course, is one of those rich people. Despite spending loads of money campaigning in South Carolina, he didn’t win enough support for him to see his fight to the end.

Buttigieg, meanwhile, has fallen from atop the race in a hurry. It was never really expected that the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, would be a serious contender in the Democratic race, but he did start out strong — winning the Iowa causes, or at least finishing near the top with Bernie Sanders.

But after falling way short of his early performance in New Hampshire, Nevada and then finally South Carolina Saturday night, Buttigieg announced that he’s hanging up the old candidacy hat, remarking that “the path [to the candidacy] has narrowed to a close.”

As he explained to some of his supporters back in South Bend following the announcement:

“At this point in the race, the best way to keep faith with these goals and ideas is to step aside and help bring our party and our country together. So tonight, I am making the difficult decision to suspend my campaign for the presidency.

“I will no longer seek to be the 2020 Democratic nominee for president, but I will do everything in my power to ensure that we have a new Democratic president come January.”

His parting words from the race also pointed to the fact that he is the first openly gay man to try to run for president. As he noted:

“We sent a message to every kid out there wondering if whatever marks them out as different means they are somehow destined to be less than, to see that someone who once felt that exact same way can become a leading American presidential candidate with his husband at his side.”

Buttigieg may still have his husband at his side, but he never had a lot of voters who were right there along with him.

So long, Pete and Tom. Better luck next time.