Tucker Carlson to World Governments: “Stop Lying to Us” About Coronavirus

How the Coronavirus Affects the World

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson is known for speaking his mind, even when he disagrees with the president. This time, the conservative firebrand is taking aim at global governments and telling world leaders to stop lying to the people about the spread of the coronavirus.

On Monday, Carlson told world leaders to “stop lying to us” about the coronavirus, claiming “honest is essential at times like this.”

Carlson wasn’t just mindlessly attacking the president and the progress made by the government, however. Instead, he was specifically referencing the official line from the World Health Organization and most global governments that face masks are not necessary or “don’t work.”

Remember when they told us, early in this pandemic, that the masks don’t offer sufficient protection? Well, they do.

The real issue with using the masks is that there was a shortage, and leaders feared that insufficient masks would be available to medical staff trying to treat patients if more people were buying them.

Private companies across the United States have shifted their manufacturing focus towards masks and other private protective equipment, but there remain insufficient quantities of masks to provide protection for every person in the country every day. President Trump has floated the idea of disinfecting masks and the idea is currently being considered, but right now, there simply are not enough masks available for everybody.

“That’s why honesty is essential at times like this,” Carlson said. “When the government lies, people know. They can tell, and then they stop listening.”

“From the beginning of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, mask shortages have been a major problem,” Carlson continued. He also argued that the moment there was a shortage of masks, the government should have explained that while they are useful, people should make an effort to reserve them for the sick and the elderly.

“People would have understood that because it makes sense,” he said. “But the government didn’t do that. Instead, they told us lies. Dumb lies that anyone who thought about it for a second could see right through. They told the public, ‘You shouldn’t bu8y masks because masks don’t work.’”

If you have masks, use them. If you don’t have them, you may have to wait.