Tucker Carlson Describes Rots as “Class War Disguised As A Race War”

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Tucker Carlson is one of the most popular anchors Fox News has ever had for a reason…he speaks the truth! During his monologue on Tuesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, he dismissed the idea that the nation was currently embroiled in a race war an instead argued that the fault is down class lines. Carlson, who is known for his populist beliefs more akin to European populists than traditional Republicans, suggested the riots were a product of downsizing the middle class.

He also suggested that the people stoking the flames of racial divides are attempting to hide the economic transformation of the country.

“America’s core problems are, in fact, economic,” he said. “Could your kids earn enough to form stable families have their own and live in dignity? Everything flows from that. And that’s what most Americans of all colors worry about most. So, of course, it is the one thing our leaders hate to talk about. That is not accidental. Again, it is by design. What you are watching is class war disguised as a race war. The population at one another’s throats — angry, suspicious, tribal, and maybe they’ll never figure out how much we’re stealing.”

Carlson argued that the death of the middle class is the biggest change to happen to American society since the 60s. “This used to be a middle-class country. It is not any more,” he added.

He described how most of the population has gotten poorer in real terms and that a shrinking number of people control an “ever-expanding” percentage of the nation’s wealth. In a line that sounds more like a Bernie Sanders talking point, Carlson showed he is willing to stand up to the GOP establishment while also refusing to bow down to the political correctness and far-left social policies of left-wing activists.

“These riots really shouldn’t surprise you,” he said. “It is hard to know exactly who is responsible for these sad changes to America, but it is easy to see who is benefiting from them.”

He said the people who lecture you about white privilege and systemic racism are the same people who benefit from the way America’s economy has been restricted. He also said that CitiBank put Black Lives Matter logos on its Instagram page “so you won’t ask what interest rates they are charging black people.”

Tucker knows how to push buttons, and his monologue on Tuesday could perhaps be translated into a political speech. Do you think Tucker would ever run for president? His message could certainly reach people who may have never voted Republican before…