Trump WINNING In Michigan Says Historically Accurate Pollster

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( Historically accurate pollster Trafalgar Group, which was one of only two major polling organizations that accurately predicted President Donald Trump’s win in 2016, has placed the president in the lead in battleground state Michigan.

President Trump won Michigan with a margin of just 10, 704 in 2016, taking 47.5% of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton’s 47.3%. The small margin resulted in calls for a recount, but the president’s win was historic as the state hadn’t been won by Republicans in decades.

In 2020, the president looks to be set to win the state once again, and potentially by bigger margins this time.

A poll from the Trafalgar Group and conservative Restoration PAC shows that President Trump has 46.7% support in the state, with Joe Biden trailing at 44.9%. That’s less than Clinton’s 47.3% last time.

A press release described how the poll shows Trump ahead in the state for the first time since spring. The survey was conducted between October 15 and 18 among 1,037 likely voters.

The same poll also showed Republican Senate candidate John James maintaining his lead over Democrat Senator Gary Peters, with a 2.2% lead. It would be a great win for the Republicans should he win the seat, as losing the Senate while holding the presidency could ultimately result in the far-left Democrats voting to remove the president from office if Speaker Nancy Pelosi moves forward with fresh impeachment charges.

Doug Truax, President of Restoration PAC, said that the momentum in Michigan “appears to be with Donald Trump and John James.”

“They are the better candidates, they are outworking their opponents, and they have the best messages,” he added.

The numbers are vastly different to polls conducted by other polling organizations that failed to accurately predict the result of the 2016 election on both a national basis and in the swing states.

Another poll in Michigan shows Biden beating President Trump by eight percentage points – the kind of margin that was predicted last time round when Hillary Clinton was soundly defeated by Donald Trump.