Trump Will Back GLOBAL Push to Decriminalize Homosexuality

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is reportedly heading the Trump administration’s efforts push to decriminalize homosexuality globally. The administration is looking at a new way of restricting intelligence sharing with countries that currently criminalize homosexuality in a move that would build on the president’s promise in 2019 to encourage 70 countries to change their laws.

The New York Times reported that Grenell is heading the administration’s efforts, leading the program and promising that Trump will support it.

“We have the president’s total support,” Grenell explained. “This is an American value, and this is United States policy.”

Grenell was recently appointed to the temporary role of acting Director of National Intelligence, making him the first openly gay man to serve in the cabinet. He is known for his staunch support of President Donald Trump.

“If a country that we worked in as the United States intelligence community was arresting women because of their gender, we would absolutely do something about it,” Grenell said. “Ultimately, the United States is safer when our partners respect basic human rights.”

Doesn’t this destroy the suggestion by far-left Democrats that the president is a homophobic bigot? Surely the last thing the New York Times wants to do is admit that the president did more to push for the decriminalization of homosexuality than any president before him…including Obama!

President Trump first began this initiative in 2019 following the public hanging of a 31-year-old man in Iran, who was accused of being a homosexual. It sparked global outrage, and it quickly prompted a response from the United States government.

The Times reported that the specifics of the new push have yet to be finalized, and that it remains unclear how it may affect intelligence sharing between the United States and countries in the middle east, including Egypt.

The move could also have a major impact on Saudi Arabia, where it is punishable by prison or flogging if someone is found to engage in “homosexual activity.”

Grenell said that the United States cannot make the moral argument and then expect other countries to simply respond in kind.

“Telling others that it’s the right thing to do doesn’t always work,” he said.