Trump Tells Rush Limbaugh Regeneron’s Treatment Will “CURE” COVID-19

( During a “radio rally” on Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated talk show on Friday, President Donald Trump explained that he believes the United States already has access to a drug that can “cure” COVID-19. It comes just days after the president was discharged from the Walter Reed National Medical Center where he underwent treatment for his own coronavirus diagnosis.

President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 on October 1 and was taken to the hospital where he was treated with Regeneron’s antibody cocktail. The drug, which has been granted emergency use status by the FDA, was credited by the president with his quick recovery.

The president was one of fewer than 10 people who have been granted access to the drug under the “compassionate use” rule.

Speaking to Limbaugh, President Trump described how he was “not in great shape” but that the drugs effectively cured him.

“But we had a medicine that healed me,” he said. “I might not have recovered at all without the Regeneron cocktail.”

President Trump wasn’t shy about his support and endorsement of the drug, saying, “This is a cure.”

“Call it what you want, it’s a cure,” he said. “I’m talking to you today because of it. This is a total gamechanger.”

The president said that he believes the widespread use of the antibody cocktail could save “hundreds of thousands” of lives in the United States.

“This is better than the vaccine, and it’s going out as we speak,” he added. “This is the greatest of them all if it works out.”

In a video filmed on the White House lawn, President Donald Trump announced earlier in the week that he would make the drug available for free to all Americans as soon as possible and that the military would assist in its distribution. It could potentially save many American lives while the FDA goes about the final months of tests to ensure the vaccines, which are already in production, are completely safe.

During the interview, President Trump also confirmed that he is completely done with his drug therapy and has recovered from the viral infection.

“I’m not taking anything,” he said. “I’m off any regiment they gave me.”

Given how the Democrats behave every time the president endorses a drug, it could just be a matter of time before lawmakers from the Democratic Party attempt to stand in the way of the distribution of the Regeneron drug.