Trump Says NO To Minnesota Request for $16 Million In Aid After BLM Riots

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( After Minneapolis allowed Black Lives Matter and Antifa to burn down the city without pushback from law enforcement, city officials went ahead and asked President Trump if he would cough up $16 million in aid to help them rebuild. President Trump has now officially denied that request.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz made the formal request for millions of dollars to repair the damage done by far-left extremists in the city, who rioted after the tragic death of George Floyd.

On July 2, the request was formally handed to President Trump to “declare a major disaster for the State of Minnesota because of extensive fire damage to public infrastructure caused by civil unrest.”

Civil unrest meaning Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots encouraged by Democrat politicians.

The money was expected to come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which hands over funds from the federal purse to states that have been affected by natural disasters. Governor Walz estimated that the state should be eligible for relief of around $16 million, though the total damage done to the city is in the range of $500 million.

On Friday, the governor’s office said that the Trump administration denied their request. A spokesperson for Walz issued a statement to the media which said, “The Governor is disappointed that the federal government denied his request for financial support.”

“As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through,” the spokesperson added.

On Thursday, Rep. Tom Emmer, a Republican, wrote to the President asking for a federal review of the way Minnesota handled the response to the riots before any federal funds are handed over. It looks like this might be what is now happening.

Minnesota, by the way, is an important battleground state in November. Some may argue it is in the interests of the president to hand over funds to help them rebuild, but if Democrats allowed this to happen, then shouldn’t there be accountability?