Trump Says China May Have DELIBERATELY Let Virus Destroy World Economy

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(PatriotHeadline.Com)- While Democrat-supporting news outlets continue saying the suggestion that the coronavirus came from a lab in China is a “conspiracy theory,” President Donald Trump is standing up to the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party and exposing their negligence and attempted cover-up of the initial outbreak.

During a town hall discussion on Fox News, which was filmed outside in front of the Lincoln Memorial, President Trump suggested that the virus may have been released by China on purpose. Trump said Chinese communist government officials knew that allowing the virus out of China would destroy the world economy, meaning they wouldn’t suffer alone.

“They said, ‘Hey look, this is going to have a huge impact on China and we might as well let the rest of the world,’ because the last people they want – We’ve had a great year against China prior to the virus coming,” Trump said.

To be clear, President Trump wasn’t suggesting that the virus was initially released from a lab on purpose, or that China wanted the outbreak at all. He did, however, suggest that the initial cover-up of the outbreak may have been a way for China to ensure they weren’t the only country that suffered.

Martha MacCallum probed further, asking the president, “Is there any suggestion that it was anything nefarious or that it was just a mistake?”

Trump said he believed China made a “horrible mistake” but “didn’t want to admit it.

“We wanted to go in, they didn’t want us there,” he added. “Even World Health wanted to go in, they admitted, but much later, not immediately. And my opinion is they made a mistake, they tried to cover it, they tried to put it out just like a fire. It’s really like trying to put out a fire.”

President Trump explained that China stopped people coming into the country, but didn’t stop people leaving China and going to the United States and other countries. He explained how the communist Chinese government allowed people to fly out of the city of Wuhan, where the city originated, and where the virus lab is, but you couldn’t fly to Beijing.

“So what’s all that about? In other words, they knew they had a problem,” he said.

Meanwhile, the United States federal government continues working with other countries to investigate the origins of the virus. Last month, President Trump announce that he would withhold future funds from the United States originally set aside for the World Health organization while a full investigation into the group’s conduct, with regards to China’s possible cover-up, is performed.