Trump Removes Another Inspector General, This One Who Was To Oversee Coronavirus Relief Funds

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(PatriotHeadline.Com)- President Donald Trump has shaken things up yet again, removing the person who was supposed to help oversee the implementation of the funds of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill.
On Monday, Trump removed Glenn Fine from the post of leading the group that was to monitor the funds from the coronavirus relief effort. In his place, Trump named Sean O’Donnell as the temporary Pentagon watchdog. O’Donnell is the inspector general of the Environmental Protection Agency.
A panel of inspectors general had named Fine to lead the group, but now they will be forced to pick a new leader.
In recent days, inspectors general have drawn the ire of Trump. On Friday, he removed Michael Atkinson, the inspector general of the intelligence community. Atkinson was the one who handled the whistleblower complaint that ultimately led to Trump’s impeachment.
The president has also verbally attacked Christi Grimm, the inspector general of Health and Human Services, in recent days for reports coming out of her office that have shown widespread delays in coronavirus testing and major issues with supplies at hospitals around the country.
Democrats in Washington have blasted the president for his recent actions, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said in a statement:
“The sudden removal and replacement of Acting Inspector General Fine is part of a disturbing pattern of retaliation by the president against independent overseers fulfilling their statutory and patriotic duties to conduct oversight on behalf of the American people.”
Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, said it was a “corrupt action” and that Trump is trying to sideline “honest and independent public servants because they are willing to speak truth to power and because he is so clearly afraid of strong oversight.”
There are also some people in the environmental community who worry that the EPA will suffer as a result of O’Donnell being spread too thin. One of those people is Stan Meiburg, a member of the Environmental Protection Network and a regional EPA chief for 40 years, who said:
“It is going to affect, probably adversely, the IG function of EPA. DOD is a monster organization and will overwhelm the demands on an EPA IG. How anyone could do both jobs escapes me.”
The coronavirus stimulus bill included many different oversight layers, with the most powerful one being the panel of inspectors general who could probe any aspect of the bill’s implementation. That is the panel Fine was originally selected to oversee, but now O’Donnell will handle for the time being.
Trump has already nominated Jason Abend for the position of the inspector general of the Department of Defense. Right now, he is serving with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection as a senior policy adviser
The issue with his confirmation is that the Senate will not be back in session until April 20 at the very least. This will give the Senate Armed Services Committee not much time to confirm Abend for the position. This will most likely lead to O’Donnell occupying the post for a decent stretch of time.