Trump Jr Slams “Woketopia” Super Bowl Commercials

( Donald Trump Jr., the son of former President Donald Trump, perfectly summed up this year’s Super Bowl as “woketopia,” following a series of super-left-wing commercials. He wasn’t the only one, either.

“One commercial in and it’s already woketopia,” Trump Jr. said on Twitter.

While he didn’t explain what commercials he was taking issue with, there were plenty to choose from.

Thousands of other Twitter users had similar things to say, with one account describing how the “woke movement had ruined super bowl commercials.”

“Only watching super bowl to make fun of woke commercials,” another user added.

One commercial that drew particular criticism came from Jeep. Featuring Bruce Springsteen, the commercial called on Americans to “find common ground” – a message promoted by President Joe Biden in his campaign, but not reflected in the more than three dozen executive orders he signed during his first week in the White House.

The National Football League also announced that they would be pledging $250 million to fight racial inequality in its new “Inspire Change” commercial.

How much unity and healing can there be when big corporations spend hundreds of millions of dollars – billions, even – to tell much of the United States that they are racist?

Trump Jr. had more to say about the Super Bowl after the commercials ended, too. The businessman-turned-political-advocate praised quarterback Tom Brady, who is a Trump supporter, for leading his team to victory.

“There is no question anymore as to who the [Greatest Of All Time] is,” he said.

“It wasn’t coaching it was Brady and it always was,” he added.

The Super Bowl’s woke commercials didn’t win over many viewers, with the show suffering its worst ratings since 2007 – despite much of the country still being locked down and told to spend as much time as possible.

This year, the Super Bowl attracted only 96.4 million viewers.

As they say…go woke, go broke.