Trump Is Planning to EXPAND On Immigration Order, May Ban More Foreign Workers

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( President Donald Trump sent the media and the Democrats into meltdown earlier this year when he signed an executive order that significantly reduced the number of people who can immigrate to the United States. Following a backlash from many Republicans and voters suggesting it didn’t go far enough, reports suggest that the president is considering expanding the order to include even more work-based immigration applications.

Politico reports that Trump is planning to ease pressure in the job market and allow the 36 million unemployed Americans to more easily apply for work as lockdown measures are reduced. The current executive order only limits a small number of green card applications, making up less than 10% of total legal immigration into the United States.

According to the Politico report, President Trump is looking to limit H-1B visa applications for highly-skilled foreign workers, H-2B visas for low-skilled foreign workers, the OPT program which is used for foreign graduates, and the J-1 visas that are used by foreign exchange students. Conservative news outlets and activist groups have been campaigning for weeks to encourage the president to restrict these visas as they make up a bigger chunk of legal immigration that makes it more difficult for American workers to find new jobs.

The executive order does not include family-based visas, as it would impact American citizens waiting for immediate members of their family, like their children and spouses, from being able to enter the country.

“Try and balance the two sides, the administration is considering limiting the number of immigrants who come to the United States for cultural exchanges – generally those hired for summer jobs at amusement parks, camps and resorts,” the report says. “It is also looking at cutting visas for skilled workers in specialty occupations and seasonal workers who work in industries that include landscaping, housekeeping and construction industries, they say.”

Politico also says Trump is “still weighing even broader restrictions,” that could possibly stop all guest workers except those would work on American farms.

Government Relations Association for Federation for American Immigration Reform, Preston Huennekens, told the press that an expansion on Trump’s original order would be a good idea.

“As a fellow recent graduate, what these organizations are asking for makes perfect sense,” he said in relation to calls from various political groups for the order to be expanded. “Why should America’s graduating seniors compete against thousands of foreign alternates in the worst job market since the Great Depression? Studying abroad is not a guest worker program or path to citizenship. Ending OPT and pausing flawed guest worker programs is a common-sense move only opposed by corporate lobbyists regurgitating the same talking points.”

What do you think? Should Trump expand the order, and should it be temporary or permanent?