Trump Campaign Orders Food for Hospital Workers from Local Restaurants

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- According to a Fox News exclusive report, the Trump 2020 re-election campaign has used its campaign money to buy food from struggling local restaurants and give it to medical workers in hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.

According to the report, the president’s re-election campaign has been actively engaged in a campaign to find restaurants that need business, and ordering huge quantities of food from them to be delivered to hard-working medical staff across Michigan, Washington state, New York, and New Jersey.

Initially, the orders were being made anonymously, but when sources confirmed they were operating the charitable project with Fox News, restaurants have learned it is the president and Republicans’ generosity helping restaurants stay in business.

A source told Fox News that the decision was made to do this to “kill two birds with one stone.” The measure supports local restaurants in those four states, which are seeing a reduction in orders during the coronavirus pandemic. It also helps medical staff who are working longer hours preparing for a surge in patients in some places and dealing with those surges already happening in other places.

According to Fox, the Trump campaign has already used tens of thousands of dollars over the last couple of weeks, and they have no intention of stopping what they’re doing.

“They’re doing it as a donor who cares,” a source told Fox News. “So nothing politically is tied to it…we’re just trying to, you know, show a thank you.”

“They’re trying to send things that are like, local restaurants that may need support [and] cool restaurant icons of the area that may need the business,” another source told Fox.

One of the businesses helped by the efforts was Giovanni’s Italian Deli in New Jersey. An employee of the establishment told Fox News that anonymous orders were being placed for deliveries to the Hudson Regional Hospital. From one deli alone, the Trump campaign ordered 40 large platters that contained sandwiches, pasta, and various salads.

“They only told us their first name,” a Giovanni’s employee said. “They called us, and they had us donate meals for the nurses and doctors – an assortment of things.”

“We’re happy to do it. Trust me,” the employee added.

While the Democrats keep attacking the president, he is working hard behind the scenes with his team of medical and scientific experts to combat the spread of the virus. His campaign team is also hard at work helping the medical staff saving lives.

What, exactly, is Nancy Pelosi doing to help?