Trump Administration Wants To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine At ‘Warp Speed’

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- The Trump administration has launched “Operation Warp Speed” in an attempt to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to develop an effect vaccine for coronavirus. The goal is to make an ample supply of doses to serve almost all Americans by the end of 2020.
To do so, the administration will bring together government agencies, the military and pharmaceutical companies to try to cut the development time down by up to eight months. According to a Bloomberg report, the cost of doing so will fall on the shoulders of taxpayers instead of the drug companies, as is normally the case.
But in a time of pandemic like now, this is a cost most Americans would gladly accept.
While there is no prior precedent for developing a vaccine this quickly, the goal of the project is to have about 300 million doses available by January at the latest. If accomplished, this would greatly beat the estimates of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has said a few times that a vaccine would take 12 to 18 months to develop.
Before a vaccine is readily available, many medical professionals have said the only way to truly curb the spread of coronavirus is continue practicing personal hygiene and instituting social-distancing measures. Some have even said that until a vaccine is developed, “normal life” as we know it won’t be truly safe to resume.
President Donald Trump instructed Alex Azar, the secretary of Health and Human Services, to speed up the development of a vaccine. According to reports, officials from the White House have been meeting for the last month or so to figure out how to accomplish their goal, with the latest meeting happening on Wednesday.
Details of the project haven’t been officially made public yet. However, Michael Caputo, a spokesman for HHS, said Trump has refused to accept the normal timeline for standard vaccine development, and has encouraged a process that would develop a breakthrough.
Normal vaccine development is slow typically, and it comes with high risk. Operation Warp Speed will look to cut down on that “speed” significantly, by testing the most promising vaccines developed across the world. This will be done first in animals and then in human clinical trials to narrow down the options.
Once a clear-cut leading vaccine has emerged, wider clinical trials would start while the pharmaceutical company starts to significantly ramp up production.
This in and of itself will be a challenge, as there are currently about 70 different vaccines for coronavirus under development by research groups and makers of drugs, according to the World Health Organization. Thus far, though, none of these companies have coordinated their efforts in the same way Operation Warp Speed intends to.
The project is estimated to cost in the billions of dollars. The one downside to it is it will likely create a lot of waste, as vaccines could be developed at large scale before anyone knows if they’re truly safe and/or effective. Failed vaccines, therefore, would have to be thrown away.