Ted Cruz Reaches Hand Across The Isle To Stop Wall Street Corruption – Ocasio-Cortez Loses It

(PatriotHeadline)- It’s nice to see politicians from both sides of the aisle agree on an issue from time to time.

That seemed to happen on Thursday, after trading app Robinhood blocked the trading of the stock of GameStop. The company cited “market volatility” for the reason why it delisted GME, as well as Blackberry, Nokia and AMC.

That move drew the ire of prominent Republicans Donald Trump Jr. and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, as well as Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York. But, good old AOC was having none of that — and she fired off an insane attack on Cruz over Twitter.

First, the backstory …

Day traders who frequent the Reddit community called r/WallStreetBets have been sticking it to hedge funds recently. They dumped loads of money into companies such as GameStop, which many hedge funds had short positions on. In other words, the hedge funds were betting against GameStop.

The Redditors, then, all decided to bet on GameStop, which eventually caused the stock price of the company to skyrocket in recent weeks. In essence, they were telling Wall Street investors that the everyday Joe could have a say, too.

But then, Robinhood came along and decided that the little guy was making too much money. So, they stopped accepting stock purchases on GameStop through their app. It’s a popular app with the everyday investor, so this was a hard hit for them to take.

In response, these prominent politicians from both sides of the aisle took to Twitter to denounce Robinhood’s actions. Trump Jr. tweeted:

“It took less than a day for big tech, big government and the corporate media to spring into action and begin colluding to protect their hedge fund buddies on Wall Street. This is what a rigged system looks like folks!”

AOC tweeted something similar:

“Gotta admit it’s really something to see Wall Streeters with a long history of treating our economy as a casino complain about a message board of posters also treating the market as a casino.”

Cruz tweeted a reply to AOC’s message saying that he fully agrees with her.

But AOC wanted no part of Cruz’s support. She went nuts, and tweeted this reply to him:

“I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out. Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed. In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign.”

Somebody should remind AOC that Cruz was locked down inside the Senate Chamber when rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol building on January 6. It would be easy to argue that he was in as much danger as she and her buddy-buddy “Squad” members were over in the House of Representatives Chamber.

Not to mention, Cruz didn’t do anything to incite the rioters. His actions of objecting to the Electoral College results was just him exercising a constitutional right of a member of Congress. Cruz did what a few Democrats and other Republicans have done before him — in just about every presidential election for the last 20 years.