Ted Cruz Agrees With Andrew Yang, Trump Will Hold Blue-Collar Vote In 2020

(PatriotHeadline.com) – Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz has predicted the Republican Party will maintain its hold on blue-collar voters in the upcoming November presidential election. In a tweet on Saturday night, the staunch constitutionalist and conservative shared a video of former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang who claimed that the Democrats no longer represent the working class.

“Yang is right,” he wrote. “This is the most fundamental political shift of the past decade. The Democratic Party has abandoned the working class, has abandoned union members, and the GOP has become the blue-collar party of jobs.”

Andrew Yang’s failed presidential campaign focused on the promise of a “Freedom Dividend,” a sum of $1,000 per month promises by the candidate to every American citizen. His idea, a form of universal income, would have increased taxes to more evenly distribute wealth across the United States. The controversial proposal, he said, was protection against automation.

Americans didn’t seem to agree, and Cruz predicted that President Donald Trump’s policy of low taxes and more freedom will keep the interest of working-class voters all over the country.

During the CNN video segment, Yang said voters didn’t believe the Democrats “speak to them.”

“We have to solve these underlying economic issues that have been festering and building up in our communities for years and decades that got Donald Trump elected.”

Yang, despite his extreme socialist policy proposals, was significantly more moderate than many Democratic Party candidates. The businessman-turned-candidate refused to condemn Trump voters and appeared willing to reach out to Republican and conservative voters. While his dislike of the president is unlikely to be welcomed by most conservatives, his refreshingly polite approach to partisan politics won the hearts of many.

President Trump enters his re-election campaign with the momentum of a booming economy and a strong job market. According to polls, he is most likely to be facing Bernie Sanders as his primary challenger; a socialist even more extreme (and much more unlikeable!) than Andrew Yang.