SUSPICIOUS: Joe Biden’s Son Resigns from Chinese Equity Firm

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden has been in trouble for his son’s professional connections before, and it looks like he’s about to enter another storm. On Friday, the CEO of a private equity firm based in China sent a letter to the lawyer of Hunter Biden confirming that he no longer serves as an “unpaid director” of the company.

The letter states that Biden resigned the position in October 2019 – a time when his connections with a Ukrainian energy company were coming under great scrutiny.

Suspicious, right?

George Mesires, Biden’s lawyer, confirmed that a letter that comprised of just one sentence was received from Jonathan Li, the CEO of BH4 Partners. However, he did not provide news outlets with a copy of the letter.

The news comes from The Daily Caller News Foundation, who also recently discovered that business records in China identified Hunter Biden as a director of the company for some six months after he announced he would resign from the firm.

It’s suspicious, and the letter is revealing, but it didn’t offer any further information about Biden’s full relationship with the company. If he is an unpaid director, Biden likely holds an ownership stake in the company. Business records already obtained by the media suggest that he does own a 10% stake in the company through an American company of the name “Skaneatles LLC.”

There has been much debate about whether Biden really resigned from the company. Many claimed that he had lied about stepping down as the company’s website continued to list him as a director, but the letter may cast doubt on that.

Still, the letter did not explain why Biden was still listed as a director of the company. If Biden did resign from the company, then it means the company was still using his name to attract potential clients. We also don’t know what Biden’s stake in the company still looks like, or if he is quietly continuing working with them. If he didn’t resign, then that’s even worse.

BHR is a huge company owned mostly by the Chinese government. It manages more than $2 billion in assets, and while its leadership claims Biden resigned last year, still no evidence has been provided.


When the son of the Democratic presidential candidate has to resign from foreign companies and is found benefitting from business deals aided by his father during his time in government, it’s not exactly a good look.