Susan Rice Says It’s TRUMP’s Fault 150,000 Americans Died…But Really It’s China’s

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( The Chinese coronavirus has taken more than 150,000 American lives so far. It is the direct result of Chinese authorities not relaying all important information about the virus to the World Health Organization and world leaders from the start, and for allowing infected people to leave the country and spread the virus to countries like Italy. Despite this, Democrats in America continue to blame President Donald Trump.

Former United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice attacked the president on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday, claiming that he’s the reason why so many Americans have died. She even made the controversial (and let’s face it, wrong) claim that President Barack Obama set the standard for how to handle a pandemic.

Rice claimed that the Obama administration left the “Pandemic for Dummies” playback in the White House for President Trump. The claim, however, doesn’t make sense. Obama and Biden were tasked with handling the Swine Flu and Ebola outbreaks, both of which were not as infectious as the Chinese coronavirus. Not to mention that neither Obama nor Biden thought to stock up on PPP supplies after either of these outbreaks.

How many lives could have been saved if Vice President Joe Biden had talked to his boss President Obama during either of those outbreaks and encouraged him to stock up on masks and medical equipment?

Sunny Hostin asked Rice about the coronavirus, referencing how Trump once said that nobody could have predicted the pandemic.

Rice smirked while Hostin added that the Obama administration “did predict a pandemic.” If that’s the case, why didn’t they prepare for it?

“Well, Sunny, yes, everybody who knew anything about national security, global health, understood that a pandemic was inevitable,” Rice responded. “I write about it in my book that we were just talking about briefly at the outset. We prepared the incoming administration with a ‘Pandemic for Dummies’ playbook and a tabletop exercise and so many other briefings.”

With lies this big, it could indicate that Rice is preparing for something bigger. Could she be the vice-presidential pick for Biden’s floundering election campaign?