Supreme Court STOPS House Dems Accessing Grand Jury Material for Second Hoax Trump Investigation

( Earlier this week, House Democrats announced that they were seeking access to grand jury testimony from the investigation by Robert Mueller into alleged Russian collusion. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues were looking to access more materials in the hope that they could find some evidence to suggest the initial conclusion that Trump did not collude with Russia was wrong. House Democrats also made it clear they intended to impeach Trump again.

The Supreme Court, however, stopped the Democrats in their tracks by blocking access to the information they requested. An order from the highest court in the land granted a request by the Trump administration to keep undisclosed information from the Russian investigation away from the Democrats until early summer. The Supreme Court will later decide whether to maintain that hold, and schedule arguments for the case for the fall.

If this happens, it would mean the Democrats would not be able to gain access to new documents until after the election, disrupting their plans to cause the president problems before people go to the polls. There is no evidence, of course, that the Democrats will even find anything. After an extensive investigation into Trump’s affairs and the behavior of his campaign officials in 2016, Robert Mueller and the Democrats didn’t find a single shred of evidence that there was any collusion with Russia.

The delay could even mean that arguments don’t happen. If President Trump loses in November the Democrats will get what they want and won’t have any reason to continue expensive, time-wasting investigations that will ultimately lead to nothing. If the Republicans reclaim control of the House in November, investigations also won’t happen. The decision by the Supreme Court, therefore, may be an effort to avoid arguments taking place at all.

Democrats are seeking information on testimony, and in March this year the federal appeals court ruled that the documents should be handed over. The court ruled that it was more important for the House Judiciary Committee to see the information than for the Justice Department to keep the information private as it should be.

Here’s the question, though…if they were going to find evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, wouldn’t they have found it already?