Steven Crowder Banned By Twitter

( Conservative video podcast host Steven Crowder was banned on Twitter last week after revealing concrete evidence of election fraud that took place during the 2020 November federal elections. Crowder spent hours over two shows last week showing video footage taken by members of his staff which showed what was really at the addresses used to cast thousands of ballots across various states.

The footage showed empty lots, derelict buildings, and commercial spaces at the addresses – many of which were also made up – used to cast votes.

Louder with Crowder staff visited hundreds of locations to prove that the issue of voter fraud is very real, and despite the concrete proof, Twitter chose to suspend his account.

“We sent people to Vegas and Detroit to match voter registrations to actual addresses,” Crowder said on his show.

The episode of his show is still live on YouTube, though that could soon change. Crowder has skirted around YouTube’s ban on the discussion of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election by refraining from adding that his evidence of election fraud impacted the results of the election – a loophole in current YouTube guidelines.

On February 23, Crowder first warned the Big Tech overlords that he was planning to present “dozens of non-existent voter addresses that I’ve verified MYSELF.”

“From Michigan to Nevada. Empty lots etc. I’ll include pictures and a current newspaper as confirmation. It goes down today,” he added.

Data analyst Matt Braynard was among the first to note that tens of thousands of votes were cast in battleground states using false addresses. In some instances, the number of votes cast with non-residential addresses either exceeded or came close to exceeding the total number of votes that separated candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Crowder has since been reinstated on Twitter, but who knows for how long?