Senator Grassley Says Biden Has Some Explaining To Do Over Hunter Biden

( Joe Biden might think he got away with his son’s foreign business deal scandals, but the questions aren’t going away even after he technically became the “president-elect.”

On Monday, only hours after the Electoral College vote that put Joe Biden over the 270 vote threshold, Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said that the Democratic candidate has a “lot of explaining to do” over his son’s foreign business deals. Grassley even recognized that much of Hunter Biden’s deals appear potentially criminal.

Biden can’t dodge questions about his son forever, and it looks like Republicans certainly won’t be letting him off the hook any time soon.

Grassley publicly discussed a report published by himself and Senate Governmental Affairs Chairman, Republican Senator for Wisconsin Ron Johnson. He described how the report showed that Hunter Biden was connected to Chinese companies and individuals with strong links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Color us surprised!

“Records show that a company linked to the communist regime sent Hunter Biden law firm millions of dollars,” he said. “Other records show that Hunter Biden opened a line of credit with a Chinese national linked to the communist regime and funded it with approximately $100,000.”

Grassley made the comments on the Senate floor, describing how for more than a year, he and Senator Johnson had invested the entire Biden family’s financial dealings.

“For over a year, the liberal media and my colleagues on the other side of the aisle falsely said we were peddling Russian disinformation,” he continued.

Grassley also reminded his congressional colleagues how the Democrats and the liberal media brushed off reports about illegal and/or unethical business dealings by the Biden family as untrue, despite knowing there was substantial evidence suggesting wrongdoing.

“Fast forward to today, now it’s confirmed that Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation reportedly for his taxes and financial dealings – the very fact pattern that we described in our report,” he added.

“It shouldn’t take Hunter Biden to confirm that he’s under criminal investigation before the mainstream press gets permission to report the news,” he added.

After listing the damning evidence of Biden corruption, including an email released over the weekend showing Hunter Biden’s connection to the Chinese Communist Party, Grassley said that the American taxpayer “deserves nothing less” than Joe Biden explaining himself.

But so far, it doesn’t look like Biden wants to answer any questions. On Monday, Biden gave an address in which he declared victory, but brushed off reporters who tried to question him afterwards.

When a journalist held him to account and asked, “When did you find out your son was being investigated?,” Biden sarcastically responded, “Thanks for the congratulations. I appreciate it.”

On January 20, a man with connections to the Chinese Communist Party, and whose son profited from his father being vice president, could assume the highest office in the land.