Sen. David Perdue Calls Democrat Amnesty Pledge A “Threat” To American Workers

( Georgia Senator David Perdue, a candidate in the January 5 Senate runoff race, told Breitbart on Saturday that his Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff was threatening American workers by committing to granting amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens in America.

Perdue described how Ossoff’s far-left pledge to reward aliens who entered the country illegally would hurt legal American workers who are searching for new roles in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown recession.

Speaking to Breitbart News Saturday, Perdue also reminded Americans that Ossoff wants illegals to vote.

“He not only wants to give them amnesty, but he said he wants illegals to be able to vote,” he said. “He doesn’t see anything wrong with undocumented people in this country voting and having access to benefits. He has said he will give a blanket amnesty. So, what does that say to the millions of people who have come to our country and one through our immigration protocol properly and done it the right way and earned their citizenship?”

It means that they wasted thousands of dollars and many years of their lives!

Perdue said that he knows hundreds of people in Georgia who legally entered the United States and became citizens and that they are “outraged” by Ossoff’s position because it “totally denigrates what they did.”

“The second thing is it’s a threat to the American worker right now,” he added, explaining that a blanket amnesty would hurt the ability of American workers to rebuild the national economy in the wake of the COVID lockdowns.

In another section of the interview, Perdue discussed the crazy idea of defunding the police which was advocated by the Democrats throughout most of 2020.

“Explain to me how that makes our cities safer,” he said. “If you want to see what Georgia would look like, and you’ve said this before, under a Democratic regime in Washington, just go to California. Look at the anarchy in the streets of Portland, Oregon, today. Atlanta is now tied with Chicago as the murder capital of the world on a per capita basis.”

And he’s right. The question is…will the voters see it the same way?

Voters went to the polls on Tuesday, January 5, but if the presidential election is anything to go by, it could be a while until we know the results.