Seattle Police Officers Resigning At Record Level Due To ‘Socialist’ City Council

( So far this year, 110 people from the Seattle Police Department have either resigned or retired.

That’s a record number of departures from the department, and many officers who have left said they did so because of a lack of support from the “socialist” city council, and out of fear for their own safety.

A local CBS affiliate in Seattle, KIRO7, obtained exit interview documents from some of the officers who have resigned or retired this year. One of those people who have left is the first black woman who led the city’s police department as chief, Carmen Best.

Repeatedly throughout the interviews, officers said issues they were experiencing from the Seattle City Council was one of the main reasons they were leaving the department.

One officer wrote:

“I refuse to work for this socialist City Council and their political agenda. It will ultimately destroy the fabric of this once fine city.”

Another cited “an unwinnable battle with the City Council” for the reason he left, which “will be the downfall of the city of Seattle.”

Another said the city council members held “morals” that were not aligned with his own.

Yet another said cuts to staff and the budget would force police officers to respond to dangerous situations without having proper backup. Ultimately, this will lead to citizens having to wait longer for police to arrive to help.

Some officers who left the Seattle Police Department to take a job with another law enforcement agency said they feared their jobs would eventually be at risk due to budget cuts the City Council was sure to implement.

Best announced her resignation from the department back in August. At the time, she called a City Council proposal that would have slashed the police department budget and cut 100 officers “reckless.”

City Council didn’t even include its police chief in the discussions regarding the budget of the police department. She even alleged that she would’ve been treated different if she were white.

Protests against police brutality began in May after the death of George Floyd while he was in police custody in Minneapolis. The protests mirrored those that were taking place in many different parts of the country at the time.

However, the protests in Seattle advanced to a much more serious level in time. The protests quickly transformed from against police brutality to against all police in general. The call to “defund the police” rang the loudest in Seattle, it seemed.

Protesters even established an autonomous zone that wasn’t policed at all for weeks. Eventually, the city dispersed the crowd after violence that occurred within the zone.

Still, the city government in Seattle has proposed consistent and large cuts to its police department. The city’s mayor, Democrat Jenny Durkan, recently proposed a budget for 2021 that would cut $22 million from the Seattle Police Department.

That proposal would cut 22 police officers from the department, as well as create a separate 911 response system, which would remove that authority from the current police department.