Seattle Officially Defunds Police, Which Will Lead To Increase Crime And Homicides

( Defund the police has been a rallying crying for left-wing activists this year ever since the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis in May.

That “rallying cry” was perhaps no louder than it has been in Seattle. And this week, the city’s government officially decided it wanted to cave to that cause when it slashed the police department’s budget.

On Monday, the Seattle City Council approved a huge cut in the budget of the city’s police department. Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan said she’d sign off on the budget next week.

Funding for the Seattle Police Department will be slashed by a whopping 18% in the city’s 2021 fiscal year budget. Police officers in Seattle won’t have any authority to enforce parking violations or respond to 911 emergency calls, per the budget.

Staffing will be considerably lower than in years past, too. Many current positions that are empty will not be filled. Training programs will be slashed, as will overtime for officers.

While the majority of the members of the city council at one point over the summer said they wanted to trim police spending by as much as 50%, they settled on the 18% at the end of the day. City council members and the mayor have been at odds over police funding since the spring protests first began. But Durkan praised council members for taking a “more deliberate and measured approach” to the law enforcement budget than they had over the summer.

So far this year, the Seattle Police Department has seen more than 130 officers leave the force. During exit interviews, many of these officers said there was a lack of support from the “socialist” city council, and that was the main reason they were leaving.

When the city council voted in favor of cutting the police department’s budget and laying off 100 officers, Carmen Best resigned from her position as police chief. At a press conference following the preliminary city council vote, Best said:

“The push from [the] council and some of our community is to do these large-scale changes in 2020 with no practical plan for community safety, and I believe wholeheartedly that that is completely reckless.”

In the wake of this week’s official budget cuts, Mike Solan, the president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, said the city will inevitably see much higher homicide and crime rates as a result. These two areas have already increased considerably so far in 2020.

Solan said of the effect of the budget cuts:

“You’re going to see crime rise. We’re already seeing increased homicide rates that we haven’t seen in decades. You’re going to see longer, if not hardly any, follow-up investigations relative to … a 911 call for help.”

Anti-police protesters have been especially loud in Seattle. They eventually took over a part of the city that was dubbed the CHOP or CHAZ. It was an “autonomous zone” where the police had no authority.

The city, under Durkan’s instructions, ultimately disbanded the zone after it turned violent.