Rudy Giuliani Demands That U.S. House Members Have “Courage To Act”

( Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, acting in the capacity of President Donald Trump’s attorney, recently urged the Republican-controlled Georgia House of Representatives to stand up to election fraud and take action in light of evidence of serious misconduct.

Speaking via live stream on a December 10 virtual hearing, following a recent diagnosis of COVID-19, the former mayor said that strongly urged lawmakers to do their job and take action against in light of the allegations.

“Don’t you feel any responsibility to the enforcement of the law?” he asked.

Giuliani also said that some people “don’t seem to have the courage to react” to evidence of fraud, which now includes data analysis, video footage, and thousands of sworn affidavits from witnesses.

Giuliani pointed House members to video footage from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta which shows ballot counters telling ballot watchers and members of the press to go home, before pulling boxes of ballots from underneath a black table cloth and continuing to count without proper observation.

While some Georgia officials have claimed that the video shows normal process, chairman of the Georgia Republican Party hit back recently saying that poll observers were told to go home for the night and that state officials still haven’t answered important questions about those ballots.

And they’re questions most people would like to see answered, too. Simple ones, like “why were they stored under a black table cloth for hours?” and “why were they only counted after poll watchers were told to go home?”

It comes after weeks of evidentiary hearings held by state legislatures in which Giuliani and Trump attorney Jenna Ellis have pushed state legislators to reclaim their authority to appoint appropriate presidential electors to the Electoral College. Though, with the Electoral College set to meet on December 14, time is quickly running out for state legislatures to step up and take responsibility.

Giuliani and Ellis have navigated two routes to ensure election integrity. These are a judicial route, by which the courts will make decisions on the matter of election fraud, and a legislative route in which legislators take action and appoint presidential electors in the way the Constitution allows.

With days to go, there remains no clear indication that state legislators will take responsibility and appoint presidential electors based on the true results of the election and not on flawed results from a compromised election.

Could Biden really be president in just a few weeks?