Reward For Suspected Shooter Of LA Police Officers Hits $675k

( The person responsible for shooting two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies in the head while they sat in their patrol vehicle is still at large, with police officers continuing a manhunt and offering a reward for anybody with information about who is responsible.

Initially $100k, the reward cash has since exploded to $675k, showing the urgency of the matter and the need for more information to find the person responsible. An extra $75,000 was added to the budget by the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority donated another $25,000. More than $75,000 was also given by private donors.

The fact that somebody could get away with this in the first place is concerning enough, but with anti-police rhetoric being pushed by the Democrats and their presidential nominee every day, means that more police officers are at risk every day the suspect is not found.

Video footage shows somebody approaching the police vehicle and shooting the 31-year-old woman and 24-year-old man while they sat in their car. The two were rushed to the hospital and sent into surgery and are now recovering, but the injuries they sustained were serious. On the day that the two officers were sent to the hospital, Black Lives Matter protesters blocked the entrance and exit of the hospital while some people chanted “We hope they die!”

A GoFundMe crowdfunding page was also set up to help the two deputies who were shot. Sheriff’s Detective Keegan McInnis established the crowdfunding page to help pay for the huge medical bills incurred by the two deputies, and by Friday afternoon it had surpassed $680,000 and was closing in on the $750,000.

In comparison, Jacob Blake – the alleged rapist who was shot by police officers after he leaned into a vehicle to grab a knife – made several million dollars in his crowdfunding page. It just goes to show how far the anti-cop narrative pushed by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democrats has gone. People will donate millions to a man who tried to attack the cops but not as much to cops who were shot in the head while on the job.