Pro-Life Victory: Florida Now Requires PARENTAL CONSENT for Abortions

( On the same week that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis confirmed that introduction of mandatory E-Verify in his state, the Republican firebrand signed a new bill into law that requires parental consent for abortion. It’s a massive victory for the pro-life movement that has suffered some setbacks lately, including some negative rulings from the Supreme Court.

Bill Galvano, the President of Florida’s Senate, announced that Governor DeSantis signed SB 404 into law. The legislation was sponsored by Florida Sen. Kelli Stargel and introduces sweeping changes that ensure minors speak to their parents before moving ahead with an abortion procedure. The legislation also puts greater protections in place for babies that survive abortion.

In a statement, Galvano said that the “serious and irrevocable decision to end a pregnancy involves undergoing a significant medical procedure that results, in many cases, in lifelong emotional and physical impacts.”

“The parents of a minor child considering an abortion must be involved in such a substantial and permanent decision,” he added.

Galvano added that he believes parents should be involved in such a “substantial and permanent decision.”

The new legislation also takes into consideration the instances where a child may need to be protected from their parents. Galvano explained how the law makes accommodations for children who have been impregnated as the result of abuse.

“For those who are in a situation of abuse or where parental consent is not in the child’s best interest, the bill provides a judicial waiver process that still involves the intervention of an adult,” he said.

The law sends a “clear message” according to the statement that the state’s leaders will do everything they can “to prevent the abomination of infanticide in our state.”

While the law does make efforts to protect young people and ensure that people are mentally capable of dealing with the procedure, the statement also made it clear that this bill is designed to reduce the number of abortions that take place. For this reason alone, DeSantis and other Florida leaders might expect a rather substantial backlash from “pro-choice” activists and politicians.