Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany DESTROYS CNN in Press Briefing

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Ever since President Donald Trump announced he would no longer be holding daily press conferences to discuss the ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has come to the forefront. The blonde bombshell press secretary has taken the fight directly to the media, and on Friday she pivoted away from a question from a PBS reported to destroy CNN’s coverage of President Donald Trump.

McEnany began the press briefing by discussing the decision by the Department of Justice to end the unfair prosecution of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. However, PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor pivoted to a question about McEnany’s views on Trump.

“In 2015, shortly after the president safe some Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminal, you said that language was ‘racist and hateful.’ Do you still believe that today?” Alcindor asked.

The PBS journalist was referring to footage shared by CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski online, which shows McEnany criticizing then-candidate Donald Trump’s comments. McEnany said he wasn’t a “serious candidate” and said, “I don’t want to claim this guy.”

McEnany hit back at the suggestion, pivoting to CNN’s fake news reporting of Donald Trump since the beginning.

“I was naively believing some of the headlines that I saw on CNN,” she said.

McEnany then explained how she came around to supporting Donald Trump soon after the interview in which she made the comments, explaining, “In fact, CNN hired me, I was on many eight-on-one panels where I proudly supported this president who I believe is one of the best presidents, if not the best president this country will ever have.”

McEnany then encouraged “the individual” who analyzed her past to focus on some of the guests that CNN choose to have on their network instead.

“He should be focused on Jim Clapper, who said ten days before he privately told investigators there was no evidence of collusion, that ‘Watergate pales in comparison to the Russia probe.’ I would encourage them to look at Samantha Powers, who privately is saying, ‘I’m not in possession of any evidence of collusion.’”

McEnany ended her brutal tirade against the fake news network by saying she was grateful to see the transcripts of the Russia investigation finally being released.

“If the American people are watching right now, they are probably very confused as to some of the quotes I read because those individuals were saying much different things publicly than they were saying privately.”

And that, people, is why she is the new White House press secretary!