President Trump To Rally In Georgia On December 5

( President Donald Trump is all set to return to campaign mode, announcing on Thursday that he would be heading to Georgia on Saturday, December 5, to campaign for the two Republican senators going head-to-head with Democrats in the January 5 runoff elections.

The president’s rally will bring even more enthusiasm to the campaigns of Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, whose election campaigns will dictate which party takes control of the Senate.

During brief comments made at the White House on Thursday, the president even suggested he might hold two rallies in the state, owing to the significance of the election.

In true Trump form, the president also criticized the Democratic candidates, describing Jon Ossoff as a “lightweight” who doesn’t “deserve to be there.” Ossoff is the Democratic challenger of Senator Perdue, who failed in 2017 to take a seat in the House of Representatives.

The president then turned his attention to “the other one,” Raphael Warnock, who he described as “either a communist or a socialist. I can’t figure that one out yet, but he’s either a communist or a socialist, probably a communist.”

“This is not for Georgia,” he added.

We all missed Trump in campaign mode, right?

President Trump wasn’t just making things up, by the way. His criticism of Warnock, in reference to him being a communist, relates to a story from 1995. Warnock was a “junior member” of a church that hosted communist dictator Fidel Castro. Warnock attempted to brush off the scandal, however, saying that he “had nothing to do with that program.”

It might be believable if it wasn’t for a 2013 book written by Warnock in which he said that “Marxist critique has much to teach the black church.”

Even admitted that Warnock praised Marxism

President Donald Trump’s return to campaign mode will coincide with several lawsuits taking place in battleground states where the results are contested as a result of evidence of widespread fraud.

January 2021 may be an even more chaotic month than November 2020…