Poor China! Country Cries “DISCRIMINATION” Over 5G Scares

(PatriotHeadline.com) – China, a country run by an authoritarian communist party and which has a history of spying on the United States, is crying “discrimination” over the ongoing 5G dispute.

After the United States rejected Huawei technology in the rollout of 5G networks across the country, Australia made the decision to ban Huawei from participation in its own network development. Australia will not use technology or hardware developed by Chinese company Huawei over fears the Chinese government will use the technology to spy or obtain an advantage over the country in the future.

Cheng Jingye, the Chinese Ambassador to Australia, said concerns about Huawei or unfounded and that the company is not a threat to the national security of Australia or any other country. Cheng suggested that the decision was “politically motivated.”

Speaking to Australia’s Sky News channel, Cheng explained, “I mean, it is a discrimination against the Chinese company. At the same time it doesn’t serve the best interest of the Australian companies and consumers…I mean, as far as I know the Huawei company in Australia, they have, I mean, tried in every means to talk with the Australian authorities to explore what security risks or concerns you have.”

“And also they have pledged, I think publicly, to conclude a no-backdoor agreement.”

China repeatedly cries discrimination when free nations treat them with suspicion. Following the spread of the Coronavirus, which is believed by some to have come from a biological weapons research laboratory,  the country’s state media published multiple op-eds claiming the United States was treating China unfairly or creating unnecessary “panic.”

Two companies, Huawei and ZTE, were blocked in 2018 from taking part in Australia’s 5G network by the Turnbull government.

However, Australia’s Commonwealth cousin the United Kingdom has chosen a different path. Cheng told Sky News Australia that he believed the United Kingdom’s government had been “sensible” to allow Huawei’s involvement in their 5G infrastructure, saying they had not been influenced by “external pressure” from the United States and Australia.

Cheng even denied that China has been the culprit behind multiple security attacks on Australian networks.

It seems like China spends a lot of time defending themselves after curious things happen.

It makes you think of the old adage, “there’s no smoke without fire,” doesn’t it?