Poll: Most Americans Blame China for Coronavirus Outbreak

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- A Harris Poll that was released on Wednesday showed that a vast majority of Americans believe that communist China is responsible for the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. The poll showed a massive 77% of American citizens, across the country, believe that the Chinese government is responsible for the virus spreading across Asia, Europe, and America.

The poll even found that most Democrats believe the same, with 67% believing China caused the crisis. 75% of independents believed the same, and 90% of Republicans blamed China.

Not only did the poll find that most people believe China is to blame, but it also found that most people believe the country’s authoritarian government reported the virus “inaccurately” and failed to acknowledge the danger it posed.

The poll was conducted between April 3 and April 5 and questioned almost 2,000 adults representing every state. It is one of the first polls to be released after the coronavirus halted much of the American economy and forced millions of people out of work.

Another recent Harris Poll showed that some four in 10 Americans believe they might die of the disease and believe that a larger number of Americans will also be killed by the virus.

The American people have good reason to be concerned. U.S. intelligence agencies recently confirmed that the communist Chinese government did attempt to hide the seriousness of the virus. Instead of informing global leaders about the virus, China spent weeks jailing people who reported on the virus and silenced critics.

One study found that, should China have acted sooner, the spread of the virus could have been reduced by 95% and it may have been contained without shutting down the world economies.

A British think tank, the Henry Jackson Society, also recently blamed China for the outbreak and suggested that Western governments should sue China for trillions to cover the cost of the damage to their economies.