POLL: GOP Wants Trump To Run In 2024

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Once again, a poll has shown just how substantial former President Donald Trump’s support is across the United States and particularly among Republicans. This time, it’s a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll revealing that a majority of Republican voters would throw their support behind the former president if he chose to run again in 2024.

Some 52% of Republican voters support the former president, making him by far the leading candidate in the expected 2024 primaries.

The poll, which was revealed exclusively to The Hill, came just after the president gave a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in which he floated the idea of running again.

During his speech, Trump said that he might “decide to beat them for a third time.”

Mainstream news outlets went crazy, suggesting the president was repeating “election falsehoods” by claiming to have won the last election. A series of evidentiary hearings following the election, however, revealed shocking evidence of misconduct in fraud in several battleground states that could have had an impact on the result of the election.

The evidence has yet to be seen by a court, with judges across the country refusing to hear election fraud-related cases on procedural grounds.

The poll also found that some 61% of voters believe that President Biden will only serve a single term in the White House. Some 39% said that they believe Biden will run again in 2024, though he will at that point he would be 82 years old. President Biden was widely criticized during his campaign and into his presidency for his inability to complete a speech without the help of a teleprompter, and his rambling, confusing responses to questions from the press.

There is a strong likelihood that former President Trump could end up running against Vice President Kamala Harris in 2024 – if she isn’t already president by then. And we all know what happens when you put Donald Trump up against a hugely unpopular female Democrat in a presidential election.

Mark Penn, the director of the survey, said that Trump “could well be the Republican nominee again if he decides to run again as no one else yet has a strong enough national profile in the party.”

“But it’s far from a sure thing for him, and most believe he won’t get the chance to have a rematch against Joe Biden,” he added. “Only Democrats think Biden will run for a second term.”

Either way, Trump could end up running on a platform of cleaning up Biden’s mess…for a second time.