‘Political Hoax’ Should Be Expunged From His Record, President Trump Says

(PatriotHeadline.com) – President Donald Trump celebrated his acquittal from impeachment proceedings this week with a speech attended by many leaders of the Republican Party, as well as other leaders of the U.S. government. That speech poked fun at a lot of the people involved in getting him impeached, and went on the attack against some of his opponents.

Now, Trump is saying that since the entire impeachment process was a “political hoax” dreamed up and coordinated by the Democrats, the congressional record of impeachment should be expunged.

“Should they expunge the impeachment in the House?” Trump asked a group of reporters. “They should because it was a hoax. It was a total political hoax.”

Such a move may not sound like it would be possible, at least a first. But Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority leader, said he would for sure try to get the president’s impeachment expunged from the House record if the Republicans were to take over the majority in the House of Representatives and then elect him Speaker of the House.

“This is the fastest, weakest, most political impeachment in history. I don’t think it should stay on the books,” McCarthy said.

Texas Republican Representative Chip Roy said a vote on expungement would definitely “send a loud message that this was a political, partisan effort.”

So, is the expungement a real possibility? Not as long as the Democrats have control of the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi serves as its Speaker, at least.

In response to the possibility of expungement, Pelosi said:

“They can’t do that. First of all, they’re not getting the chamber back, but apart from that, there’s no expunging. If they don’t want to honor their oath of office, then they’re going to expunge from their own souls the violation of the Constitution that they made.”

After months of fighting, speculation, investigations and insults thrown every which way — between Pelosi, Trump, the Democrats and the Republicans — the House impeached Trump, charging him with abuse of power as well as obstruction of Congress. This all revolved around political dealings with Ukraine and the alleged withholding of aid unless the country investigated Joe Biden’s son.

After a trial in the Senate concluded, Trump was acquitted of both charges, with only one Republican crossing sides and voting for conviction — and on only one of the charges.

Since the victory this Wednesday, Trump has been celebrating and has stuck to his guns that the entire ordeal was just a political stunt that wasted the country’s time — and money. That’s one of the reasons why he believes the impeachment record should be expunged, so that the historical records can accurately reflect what he believes really happened.