Pelosi and House Democrats Plotting to Impeach Trump AGAIN Before 2021

( On Monday, House Democrats requested access to secret grand jury materials from the Supreme Court, citing their ongoing investigations into the Russia collusion conspiracy theory. They also warned the Supreme Court that they need access to the materials as they may wish to impeach President Trump AGAIN before 2021.

It comes after several failed attempts to prove the president cheated to win the 2016 election, and after Nancy Pelosi called President Trump “morbidly obese” on national news in a childish tantrum. House Democrats will do anything to get the president out of office, it seems, except back a Democratic presidential candidate who might actually be better than him.

CNN published a legal filing that shows how the Democrats are requesting access to the grand jury materials because the investigation into whether President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign worked with Russia is still ongoing, despite extensive investigations and hearings already proving there is no evidence.

Just a week prior to the release of the filings, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was exonerated after the Department of Justice discovered evidence that the FBI purposely set him up. It showed how Democrats and prosecutors conspired to get Flynn to admit to something he didn’t do, either to get him fired or to get him put in prison. It is the heart of the Russiagate conspiracy theory, and despite proving corruption from the Obama administration, House Democrats are pushing ahead and doubling down on the hoax.

According to the filings, the House of Representatives (which is controlled by the Democrats, for now) is seeking “disclosure to the House Committee on the Judiciary of a limited set of grand-jury materials for use in the Committee’s ongoing Presidential impeachment investigation.”

It may come as a surprise to those who received the request, given the impeachment ended when lawmakers voted not to remove President Trump from office.

You may remember back in 2019 when it was confirmed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that there was no collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia. However, upon ending the investigation, Mueller released two documents. One focused on the collusion investigation which proved to be a hoax, and the other focused on an accusation of obstruction of justice. It was this “obstruction” that the Democrats used to impeach the president.

Now, the Democrats are looking for access to more information relating to the Russia investigation, in the hope that they can find something new and impeach him for that, too.

It may be that the Democrats hope that a second impeachment could hurt his election chances, or it could be that they hope to take the Senate in November and gain the votes they need to remove him from office even if he wins the 2020 elections.